We are Experiential Engineers.

Pure Imagination Studios is a diversified entertainment company that designs, develops, creates and produces next generation content and experiences across various platforms including on-line, interactive, feature films, television, location based entertainment, virtual reality, direct-to-digital movies and more. A number of years ago a team of engineers, producers, designers, scientists, writers, creators and a/v specialists paths crossed while working on a project. They realized they all had something in common: a true passion for storytelling.

More importantly, they realized by working together they could produce media on a level that exceeded that of their previous work far more cost effectively than ever before. By closely understanding the importance of organization, communication, and efficiency in the production process, the group can provide the highest quality of work at reasonable pricing for both large and small-scale media based projects. This is how Pure Imagination and its team of Experiential Engineers was started.

Tell great stories, produce stunning content, and have fun doing it.

The core philosophy that drives the team is: tell great stories, produce stunning content, and have fun doing it. And it doesn’t matter if it’s live action, computer animation, stop-motion animation, real-time, immersive, or any other style of production, this team can produce it.

This chameleon- like ability comes from the fact that most of the team has traditional production experience as well as writing, producing and/or directing theatrical feature films, television series, animated television, direct-to- video movies and theme park attractions on a grand scale.