Story Board Artist 

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Pure Imagination Studios is seeking a Storyboard Artist for our animated projects. The Storyboard Artist will work closely with the Director to execute storyboard production deliverable according to the client’s creative vision. We are seeking an artist with both unique and technical styling and skills in storytelling, posing for animation, and dynamic drawing to bring this project to life.


What You’ll Do:


  • Deliver storyboards with attention to clarity, comedy, acting/performance, and cinematic storytelling (composition, camera)
  • Use knowledge of traditional animation to ensure that posing, staging, and cutting is both dynamic and entertaining.
  • Pitch storyboards to the Director and creative teams to convey the story.
  • Collaborate with the Director and story team to troubleshoot and address notes.
  • Meet deadlines from concept to final deliverable.
  • Collaborate with inclusion and open mindedness, What You’ll Need:
  • Proven experience on animated shorts, series, or features.
  • Experience in 2D pipelines.
  • Experience with traditional animation a plus.
  • At least 5 years production experience on a story and/or animation team.
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