We are Experiential Engineers.

A number of years ago a team of engineers, producers, designers, scientists, writers, creators and a/v specialists paths crossed while working on a project. They realized they all had one thing in common: a true love and passion for the theme- park and location based entertainment that they all collectively produced. More importantly they realized by working together they could produce experiential entertainment on a level that exceeded that of their previous work far more cost effectively than ever before. By closely understanding the roles and responsibilities engineering effects has on creative and vice versa, the group can provide the most affordable, turn-key large and small scale one-of-a-kind attractions in the world.

We consider ourselves Experiential Engineers. It all starts with questions: “What is the experience, what is the idea? Is it big or small? Epic or modest? Whatever it is we will start with conceptual designs that will tell the story of the experience. We will design, write, plan and budget the project so everyone involved has a clear understanding of the scope. From there the concepts are further refined, schematics are done and detailed designs are completed. With this and a final budget in hand, all know exactly what needs to be done and the forging of design documents can begin. Pure Imagination can take a project from concept to grand opening and craft unique experiences unlike anything the world has ever seen.

Our creative team has written, produced, directed and animated some of the best theme park attractions in the world.

Our Work in Progress.

What We Do.

  • Master Planning
  • Concept/Show Design
  • Schematics
  • Costing/Budgeting
  • Art Direction/Design
  • Digital Illustration
  • Production Art
  • Character Design
  • Story Development
  • Storyboards
  • Graphic Design
  • Set Design
  • CAD Drafting
  • Construction Documents
  • Fabrications
  • 3D Modeling/Animation
  • Media/Show Production
  • Interactive Media Production
  • A/V Systems & Show Control
  • Ride Feasibility
  • Attraction Planning Support
  • Attraction Development
  • Technology Development
  • Prototyping & Validation
  • Design & Construction
  • Installation Support
  • Show Systems Integration
  • Training
  • Opening (soft/grand)
  • Ongoing Operations/Expansion

Anything You Can Dream, We Can Build.

Working closely from concept, through master planning to individual attraction development and construction, our consortium of specialized teams can deliver a complete turn-key park.

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